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Our District Fair is attended by folks from all over this county and next! We have always have name talent acts and lots of fun.

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We love to have parades and we have them throughout the year. We are very patriotic and our Veterans Day Parade shows you just how much!

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Mannington, WV
Attractions, Recreation, Clubs

There are numerous reasons to visit Mannington. We have a lot of fun events each year including a District Fair, classic car shows, parades and things we haven't even thought of yet. Check out our "COMMUNITY" link as well. For whatever might be scheduled next, see our Facebook page.

In addition, this district is rich rich rich in history and has the architecture and museums to prove it. The West Augusta Historical Society and Museum and the Round Barn have especially fine collections. For more about the museum exhibits, click the link at above right in the header or click the "HISTORY" link in the nav bar.

Our architecture is an attraction in itself, including many fine examples especially of the Victorian style. As everywhere, we are working to renovate and restore our heritage buildings. The old train depot is one very good example.



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